Amazon's Halo Fitness service could give Apple Fitness Plus some competition

Providing video workouts from top trainers and personalized nutrition tools, Amazon is determined to help you be healthy.

Katie Collins Senior European Correspondent
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Katie Collins

Amazon launches Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition.

Amazon/Screenshot by Katie Collins/CNET

Amazon's going all in on health and fitness, giving us no excuse not to be the best version of ourselves. During Tuesday's fall Amazon event, the company announced Halo Fitness, a platform full of fitness content from top instructors, and Halo Nutrition, a service providing personalized tools to help you eat better.

The pair will be available as part of Amazon's Halo subscription service, which is designed to work with the freshly updated Halo View fitness tracker, similar to how Apple Fitness Plus works with the Apple Watch. The fitness tracker comes with one free year's subscription to Halo, but will otherwise cost $4 per month.

The Nutrition service won't be available until January 2022, but will have meal planning guides for different diets, drawn from Weight Watchers, Lifesum, and (surprise) Amazon-owned Whole Foods, along with shopping lists and ingredients that will sync to Alexa.

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