Amazon Alexa on Android can now find the best restaurants near you

Thanks to an upcoming update, you can ask Alexa for restaurant and movie recommendations nearby.

Lynn La Senior Editor / Reviews - Phones
Lynn La covers mobile reviews and news. She previously wrote for The Sacramento Bee, Macworld and The Global Post.
Lynn La

The Amazon Alexa app on Android.

Juan Garzón/CNET

Alexa on Android just got a little bit smarter.

The digital voice assistant from Amazon will receive an update in the next few days that will allow users to ask aloud about restaurants nearby or what movies are playing. The feature will roll out to the Apple iOS app version as well.

With this update, it will be easier and faster for those in the Amazon Alexa ecosystem to look up local search results. Other mobile assistants, however, have already been able to look up local businesses, as well as Amazon's own smart speaker, the Echo.

Apple's Siri, for instance, can call up restaurants and movie times (along with their Rotten Tomatoes score) and Google Assistant displays ratings for restaurants nearby.

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