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Amazon adds podcasts to its music subscription service

Platform will include several exclusive podcasts, including Amazon originals and the popular crime-meets-pop-culture broadcast Disgraceland.

Amazon Music subscribers can now listen to podcasts without leaving the app.
Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Starting today, Amazon Music subscribers across all tiers will be able to listen to podcasts from within the Amazon Music app, the company announced Wednesday. In addition to established favorites, Amazon will offer original productions and has signed an exclusivity deal with the popular Disgraceland podcast, which covers true crime stories centered around famous musicians. 

The service will allow syncing across multiple devices including on the web, on phones and tablets with the Amazon Music app, as well as the company's line of Alexa-powered smart speakers and displays, without the need to log into a separate service, like Apple Podcasts.

The move comes as competition in the podcast space continues to heat up, with Spotify and Stitcher, as well as Apple and Google, currently dominating the field

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There are several tiers of Amazon Music, including a free version with ads. Prime Music is included in the company's $119 a year membership program and gets rid of ads. The company also offers Amazon Music Unlimited, which features an expanded catalog for an extra $8 a month for Prime members or for $10 a month as a standalone subscription.