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Amaysim will soon offer 4G, thanks to new Optus deal

The budget carrier will begin offering both pre- and postpaid LTE services from around April next year, using the Optus 4G network.

Mobile virtual network operator Amaysim has re-signed its wholesale agreement with Optus, expanding the terms of services so that it will be able to offer customers prepaid and postpaid services using the Optus 4G network.

The 4G offering won't come into effect until "Easter 2015" -- presumably the end of March, start of April.

Earlier this year, Amaysim made a number of changes to its business model, removing its 'free social' offer that saw traffic to select social media sites not counting towards a user's data cap. At the same time it increased the data allowance on its top tier plan to 5GB and upped the cost to AU$44.90.

In a media statement Rob Parcell, managing director of Optus Wholesale and Satellite said:

With our growing 4G network, and Amaysim's rapidly growing customer base, this partnership cements Optus as one of Australia's leading wholesale mobile providers. We are delighted that Amaysim has chosen the only wholesale provider of 4G mobile services in Australia to expand its products and services.

Gerard Mansour, PR manager for Amaysim, said that the MVNO was still finalising the details of its 4G plans, but that it "would offer customers a great deal of choice". He also said that Amaysim would be working on a way to allow existing customer to "grandfather" in their 3G plans if they preferred.

Back in August, Amaysim MD Julian Ogrin said that the company's plans for 4G were still "some way off".

"Of course we're looking at 4G, but we don't need to be bleeding edge about this -- it's not our business model," he said.

Ogrin also noted that Amaysim had seen a large jump in data usage from its customers, an 85 percent increase over a 12 month period.

Like all Australia telcos Optus has been expanding its 4G services over 2014, opening up into the 700MHz and 2600MHz spectra, as well as providing a roadmap for the rollout of 4G to 200 new regional areas.