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Amaysim launches 4G service, new plans

The SIM-only mobile service provider is now offering a 4G service via the Optus 4G Plus network, as well as a new range of plans -- including 6GB of data for AU$55 a month.

First announced in December last year, mobile virtual network operator Amaysim has turned on its 4G offering.

Last year saw Amaysim expand the terms of its wholesale agreement with Optus, adding access to the full Optus 4G Plus network. New pricing structures have also been put in place for both new customers and existing customers wishing to upgrade to the 4G service.

The top offering includes 6GB of data, along with unlimited local calls and texts, for AU$55 a month. This changes from Amaysim's current "unlimited" 3G offering which has 5GB of data for AU$45.

Amaysim is also moving to a 'per kilobyte' rounding on data, but is upping its excess data charges from 5 cents per MB to 7.2 cents. In the coming months after the 4G launch, Amaysim will offer 30-day data packs of 1GB for AU$9.90. These will be valid for the full 30 days after purchase, no matter when in the cycle of the plan it is purchased. A 300MB option for AU$4.90 will follow.

Amaysim CEO Julian Ogrin explained that existing customers could choose to stay on their current 3G plans at the same pricing.

"Our customers are free to stay on their existing plans with no changes, but we will be making sure that they're informed about the options," Ogrin said. "We're expecting that most customers will migrate over pretty quickly."

In addition to the 6GB AU$55 plan, Amaysim will also offer a 4GB version for AU$45, still with unlimited calls and texts. The AU$30 option has 1.5GB of data and 500 minutes of calls, with unlimited texts and free calls from Amaysim-to-Amaysim.

Finally, the AU$20 'Flexi' has 500MB of data and charges calls at 9 cents per minute and 9 cents per text, while the AU$5 'As You Go' has no data inclusions, with a 7.2 cent per MB charge along with 12-cent messages and 12 cents per minute calls.

Amaysim plans remain contract free and BYO device only.