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Altec Lansing inMotion SoundBlade: If your tent's rocking

Altec Lansing has just launched its new SoundBlade Bluetooth speaker system and it's all kinds of perfect for festivals, we'd say

With festival season just around the corner -- don't forget your wellies, kids -- it's time to look at battery-operated speakers. One of our favourites for times when size is of critical importance is Gear4's StreetParty Size 0 -- its thin form factor and easy battery operation makes it ideal for campers and festival goers.

But Altec Lansing -- a company that once made speakers for Woodstock -- has an attractive Bluetooth alternative to a typical iPod dock. At about £90 it's a more costly option, but it'll work with Bluetooth-enabled music phones or MP3 players with Bluetooth, such as the Samsung YP-P2 or Sony NWZ-A820. The advantage here is that anyone in your tent circle will be able to beam their choice of album to the system from the safety of their smelly canvas home.

It'll also function as a speakerphone, featuring both speakers and a microphone for truly hands-free operation.

The SoundBlade runs on a built-in battery and once paired, there's no need to mess around with wires when the THC hits your brain and messing with cables is less attractive than the comatose wreck of a groupie you convinced to come back to your tent for some muddy bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Batteries should keep it pumping for around 24 hours. If you're taken, the SoundBlade is on sale now, as are tickets to festivals (Download here we come!). -Nate Lanxon