Alleged iPhone 7 goes up against iPhone 6S in video clip

The comparison video reveals dual speakers and a larger camera for this year's upcoming iPhone but no other discernible differences, at least not on the outside.

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Lance Whitney
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The next iPhone won't offer much in the way of new features, assuming a new video is on the money.

Tim Hardwick/YouTube

A video of an alleged dummy iPhone 7 reveals only a few enhancements over its predecessor.

Published on French website Nowhereelse.fr, Chinese blog site Weibo and YouTube, the video offers a tour of a purported Apple iPhone 7 dummy unit and an iPhone 6S. The video shows off some much-rumored features for this year's model, including dual speakers and a larger camera lens.

iPhone sales declined for the first time in the first quarter of 2016 and are expected to show another drop in the second quarter. To try to stem the tide, Apple would need to equip the iPhone 7 with innovative, must-have upgrades. But many reports say this year's model will offer only minor physical changes and that next year's edition will be the one to offer sexier new features.

As seen in the video, the iPhone 7 will move the antenna lines. Traditionally positioned horizontally on the back of the phone, the antennae on the new iPhone will appear on the top and bottom sides of the casing where they're less noticeable.

The video should be taken with the usual grain of salt as its accuracy and origin are unknown. However, the details do line up with previous reports, which say the new iPhone would feature a dual speaker, larger camera lens and revamped antennae lines. The reports also have said the iPhone 7 would resemble the iPhone 6S externally, aside from the new features.

We'll find out for sure if Apple stages its now-traditional September launch event.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.