All Windows phones can now have Nokia's mapping and transit apps

Nokia releases its Here mapping service for all Windows Phone 8 devices, not just the Lumia series.

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Nokia's Here Drive app gets traffic conditions. Nokia

Hoping to snag a few more paying customers -- and offer an alternative to Google Maps -- Nokia is bringing Here, its suite of mapping, turn-by-turn direction, and transit apps to all Windows Phone 8 smartphones. The apps will arrive in the Windows Phone Store by the end of the week.

Nokia is adding a few new features to Here Drive and Here Transit to coincide with their launch in the Windows app store. The updated Drive app will show traffic conditions in your surrounding area and along routes you choose.

Here Drive is also getting a new feature called "My Commute," which remembers the streets you drive on frequently to get to work or return home, and gives you estimated travel times and alternate routes based on traffic. Nokia is updating Here Transit with a new design that the company says will make the app easier to use.

Pricing details for the apps are as follows:

  • Here Maps, which offers online and offline maps and directions, will be free for all regions.
  • Here Drive gives you turn-by-turn directions, and is free in your home country.
  • To get global navigation you must upgrade to Drive +, which costs 15.49 Euro ($19) for users in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain, and 34.99 Euro ($44) for Windows Phone 8 owners in all other countries.
  • Here Transit show directions, travel times, and arrivals for public transportation and will be available for free in the app store except in Australia, China, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, where it costs 1.99 Euro, or a little more than $2.50.

Below is a handy chart from Nokia that breaks down the cost for the Here apps by device.