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All the phone news from CES 2018 in one place

The scandal, the intrigue, the devices and what it all means for the coming year.

There weren't any foldable phones at CES 2018, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 won't launch until next month, but there was still plenty of phone news and accessories to keep us busy all week.

While CES is a fantastic springboard for all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets, it's been years since a phone of any significance debuted here.

2018's show brought the usual haul of new colors, phones that were out in other markets now announced for the US, niche devices and midrange models. Phone makers also used CES to unveil their strategy for the year, including their intentions to grow brand awareness in the US through carrier agreements or consumer campaigns.

We'll have to wait for February's Mobile World Congress to see which flashy new models buyers will drool over in the next year.

The biggest phone news at CES

The most interesting technologies

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New handsets and colors

Previously announced phones now coming to the US


All-screen BlackBerry Motion is coming to the US.

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