All current unlock methods fail with iPhone 1.1.3

All current unlock methods fail with iPhone 1.1.3

Ben Wilson

It appears that all currently available unofficial unlock methods for the iPhone do not work with iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3; this includes hardware-based methods like "TurboSIM" and others. Any iPhones updated to version 1.1.3 cannot be downgraded to any prior iteration of the software/firmware. As such, any users with unofficially unlocked iPhones will find their phones irrevocably (at present) unable to work on non-sanctioned carriers after applying 1.1.3.

As previously noted, iPhone software 1.1.3 also makes it impossible to use unofficial third-party applications.

To reiterate: because you can't effectively downgrade from iPhone firmware/software 1.1.3, applying the update means no access to any unlock methods or unofficial third-party applications until (if) a new solution is discovered.

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