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All about emoji: iOS, Android and even Spock

With emojis a central part of iOS 8, and now available for Android, you can get them for everything from Star Wars to Star Trek. CNET shows you how.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Forget typing emoticons on your smartphone, they're so 2013. Emojis are where it's at these days and the vast array available -- from simple smileys to smiling poo -- means that there's an emoji for everyone. Here's how to find the most obvious and the most obscure.

How to access the new diverse emoji in iOS 8.3

Put the days of being represented by a yellow-skinned emoji behind you. Apple just integrated emoji for all skin types in the latest version of iOS 8.

How to get emoji symbols on your Android phone

Android has been a little slower to make emoji as commonplace as Apple, but that doesn't mean you can't be part of the cool crowd if you're partial to Google's OS. Here's how to get emoji on your Android device.

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Unlock the secret Spock emoji in iOS 8.3

Apple has added support for a Vulcan salute emoji on iPhones and iPads, but you won't find it on the emoji keyboard.

Twitter rolls out BB-8, other 'Star Wars' emoji

To celebrate the upcoming release of " Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens," Twitter debuts three "Star Wars" emoji. Because what tweet wouldn't benefit from a cute rolling droid?

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How to make your own emoji

Turn your favorite photos into shareable emoji with this free app.

How to talk, text and send emoji like Dick Tracy on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers a lot of ways to communicate -- including emoji. Here's what it can do and how to do it.