Alcatel OT-209 phone costs 1p

Starting tonight, Carphone Warehouse is selling the Alcatel OT-209 for just one penny, as long as you top up £10 when you buy it -- and it's not half bad.

Flora Graham

The Alcatel OT-209 was stupidly cheap when it cost 99p. But that seems exorbitantly expensive compared to its new price -- just 1p on pay as you go from Carphone Warehouse.

This badboy may be ugly as a mud fence on a rainy day, but it does the job without any fuss. In fact, we deemed it well worth buying, even at its previous sky-scraping price.

The OT-209 is no smart phone, but it makes calls and sends texts with ease, and even has a tiny torch you can use to light up the pile of money you just saved. 

The phone is available on a Talkmobile pay as you go plan, which gives you calls for 8p a minute and texts for 4p each. 

You'll have to top up with £10 to get the deal, which starts at midnight tonight on the Carphone Warehouse website

The deal isn't quite as sweet as Asda's £9 Alcatel OT-222, which came with £10 free credit, and effectively earned you £1 for every one you bought. We bought 50,000 and plan to retire on the profits.