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Your dinner reservations are ready, courtesy of Airbnb

The company now lets customers book restaurant reservations in 16 markets.


Airbnb, your new digital travel agent.

Brush Sushi Izakaya via Airbnb

Airbnb wants to serve you dinner.

The home-rentals company on Wednesday said it's starting to offer restaurant reservations in 16 US markets through its app. The startup Resy, which Airbnb invested in earlier this year, is powering the restaurants data and running bookings.

"We're really excited to make it incredibly easy to book great food," Joe Zadeh, vice president of Airbnb Trips, said Wednesday.

The new restaurants feature builds on Airbnb's push to become your digital travel agent, with its expansion into personalized tours and trip planning through its new Trips platform. The effort is a way to make Airbnb more valuable for people beyond just booking a place to sleep and gives folks more of a reason to open the app while on vacation or a work trip.

Also, the company gets to grow in a different direction from its often controversial core business, where it's battled with regulators across the world over how it should host its network of short-term home and apartment rentals.

Zadeh declined to say whether Airbnb will be taking a cut from each restaurant reservation through the new system.

Resy, which started in 2014, plans to launch new cities on its own app and through Airbnb simultaneously, so customers can expect more restaurant availability coming soon. Resy CEO Ben Leventhal said Wednesday his startup plan to launch internationally by year's end.

Here are the markets where Airbnb is offering restaurant reservations for now: New York; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; San Francisco; Miami; Charleston, South Carolina; Austin, Texas; Seattle; the Hamptons, New York; Denver; Portland, Oregon; Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina; Atlanta; New Orleans; Nashville, Tennessee; and Napa Valley, California. 

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