Adobe on why it is hosting the iPhone developers camp, NDA

Adobe on why it is hosting the iPhone developers camp, NDA

Ben Wilson

Yesterday we reported that Adobe plans to host the iPhone developers camp that will take place early next month (July 6th-8th). The gathering will be hosted at the San Francisco Adobe Office. We speculated that despite the lack of Flash on the iPhone initially, the decision to host was motivated by Adobe's desire to be at the forefront of Web development on all platforms.

The company has now issued an FAQ on the conference, essentially confirming this postulation. Excerpts:

Q: Why is Adobe hosting this event?

A: Adobe embraces any opportunity to support the Web community. We believe that Adobe Creative Suite 3 is the best environment in which to build great Web experiences for any platform, on any device.

Q: Will Adobe people be on site to speak and answer questions?

A: Adobe people will be in attendance, participating like everyone else. Although there is no official presentation planned at this time, all questions related to the use of Adobe products will be cheerfully answered.

Q: Will I need to sign anything to gain access to Adobe facilities?

A: Everyone in attendance will be asked to sign a brief Non-Disclosure Agreement, either electronically or on paper. This agreement is in place to protect attendees in case they are exposed to any confidential information from Adobe. We do not anticipate that attendees will be exposed to Adobe Confidential information, but the NDA is required for admittance, and only applies to Adobe Proprietary Information. See iPhoneDevCampAdobeNDA.

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