Acer may refresh new Windows 8 tablet to fix key problems

Though only a few months old, the 8-inch Iconia W3 tablet may be up for a revamp to address screen quality, says a Dutch Web site.

Acer's Windows 8 Iconia W3 tablet.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Is Acer's brand-new Windows 8 tablet getting the heave-ho in favor of a new and improved version?

A successor to the Iconia W3 is already in the works, Acer spokesperson Sterre Swank reportedly told Dutch Web site Tweakers. Due to reach consumers in September, the new model would be thinner and lighter than the current Iconia W3 and offer a better screen.

The W3 made a splash in June as the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet. But reviews haven't been too kind.

In particular, the W3 has been dinged for its poor display quality. Assuming Tweakers' story is accurate, Swank didn't reveal how that problem would be resolved. Tweakers speculated that Acer may upgrade the display from twisted nematic LCD (TN-LCD) to in-plane switching (IPS), which offers better viewing angles and more accurate colors.

Still unknown is whether the new model would stick with the same name and sell for the same price.

CNET contacted Acer for comment and will update the story with any further information.

(Via The Verge)