Acer Liquid refreshes Android lineup

CNET reviews Acer's first Google Android device. Find out if the Acer Liquid makes a splash.

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Bonnie Cha

With no disrespect to HTC, Samsung, or Motorola, it's nice to see an Android phone from someone new. Not that the former three don't make great devices; it's quite the opposite. It's just nice to see a fresh face in the crowd every once in a while, and in this instance, that face is Acer.

Acer Liquid (photos)

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The Acer Liquid is the company's first Android smartphone, and it's currently only available overseas and will be heading to Canada via Rogers Wireless this spring. The chance of it coming to the U.S. is pretty slim, but our friends at eXpansys USA hooked us up and sent us the device to check out.

What we got was something fun but slightly lacking in power. In the end, is it worth dropping $400 to get an unlocked version? Well, you'll have to read our full review of the Acer Liquid to find out.