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Acer Liquid Mini phones get Android 2.3 and a lick of paint

Acer's Liquid Mini handsets now come in a new range of colours, upgrading Android and its social media software in the process.

Acer's Liquid Mini range of Android-powered mobile phones have been beefed up with the latest version of Google's software and a dollop of summer colour into the bargain.

We first saw the Liquid Mini back in the dreary days of winter, and while it didn't tick all the boxes for us, there's no doubt it was a colourful little number.

If the original blue, pink, green, black and silver casings didn't do it for you, the revamped model comes in four shades: cherry, lagoon, pearl and steel. Okay, so that's an alternate shade of blue, a red and two colours resembling black and white. Maybe not so different after all?

Fear not, because there's more going on inside. For one, Acer has updated the phone to run Android 2.3 -- as indeed any self-respecting Android handset should. It also has the Acer 4.2 user interface tacked on the front. Some love the additional features manufacturers bolt on to Android, others hate them. We can usually manage without them.

There's also the SocialJogger 2.0 app. It seems everyone needs to provide a method for accessing and mashing up social networking sites these days. This one integrates Flickr, Plurk (does anyone use that?), Facebook and Twitter into a single feed and lets you post photos and updates to multiple accounts at once. Your phone will be chirping all day long.

We don't know if the 3.2-inch touchscreen display has been improved. It certainly wasn't the best feature of the first Liquid Mini. The 5-megapixel camera, with its proper shutter button, was a saving grace, however. Should you be trying to do any office work on the phone, there's also DocumentsToGo, RoadSync and Exchange support built in.

Exact pricing and availability are still to be confirmed. The original model can be picked up for around £200 SIM-free or for free on fairly cheap contracts.