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Acer Liquid Metal set to melt store shelves in two weeks' time

It's already won an award for having one of the best smart phone names of 2010, but can the Acer Liquid Metal make an impact in the Christmas Android shoot-em-up?

We'll soon find out whether the Liquid Metal lives up to its fabulously badass name, as Acer's red-hot new smart phone will be available in the UK from mid-November.

The nanomorphing mimetic poly-alloy mobile will have an 800MHz Qualcomm processor, running Android 2.2 Froyo. It has a 3.6-inch capacitive touchscreen display and a 5-megapixel camera. This will boast an LED flash, image stabilisation, and face and smile recognition. It will also have Dolby Surround technology for you music lovers, and come with the requisite 3G and Wi-Fi.

It's the latest -- and most promising -- in Acer's Liquid line of Android smart phones. The Liquid and Liquid E were decent-looking efforts, and a major improvement on Acer's previous mobile designs. This being Acer, there's always the choice of a garish red Ferrari version.

Like all the Liquid phones, the Liquid Metal has LED signals on the upper part of the handset, notifying you of missed calls, the need to charge the battery, and incoming messages.

This time Acer has developed an interface skin for the Liquid Metal it calls Breeze. This includes a SocialJogger app which aggregates your Facebook and Twitter feeds through a widget on the homescreen, while you'll be able to customise and rearrange the way you access applications.

It will have DLNA capability, which means you'll be able to share multimedia content on the smart phone wirelessly through compatible devices. The Liquid Metal also provides software that allows you to tether it to a PC for an Internet connection, or turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot for enabled devices.

Acer mobiles have never caught fire in the UK -- yet. But as the Liquid Metal is very reasonably priced at £299 unlocked, it could well threaten its Android brethren from better known makers. The brown (!) version of the Liquid Metal will reach shops in mid-November, while the more suitable silver one is out in early December.