Acer aces new £400 Android PC and £140 smart phone

Acer has taken the wraps off a new Android PC, alongside a new Android smart phone and a Windows 8 tablet.

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Acer has taken the wraps off a new Android PC, part of a lineup that also sees a new Android smart phone and an 8-inch Windows 8 tablet heading for the UK.

The Acer DA223 HQL is an all-in-one desktop PC powered by Android, announced ahead of next week's CES, the international technology trade show where the year's new gadgets are unveiled. The 21-inch PC has a 1.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor running Android Jelly Bean software, or you can plug it into a Windows 8 PC and use it as a monitor.

The DA223 is due out in April 2014 for £399.

Actual UK prices for the rest of Acer's new stuff have yet to be confirmed, but we've converted the European prices to give you a rough estimation of possible price tags.

The Acer Liquid Z5 Android smart phone will go on sale in Britain, France, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Ukraine in the next couple of weeks. The 5-inch phone is expected to cost a bargain-basement €169 (about £140), but with no other specs released I can't say how it might compare to our current low-cost fave, the Moto G.

Next up, the Iconia W4, an 8.1-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, will cost €299 (around £250) from the end of the month. It boasts a 16:10, 1,280x800-pixel screen, 2-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras, and a 1.8GHz Intel Atom processor.

Then there are two Android tablets released throughout January and February: the 7.9-inch A1-830 for €169 (about £140), and 7-inch B1-720 starting at €129 (roughly £110) for the Wi-Fi-only model.

Acer has also given its line of small laptops a spruce-up, starting with the 11.6-inch C720P-2600 Chromebook, costing €299 (around £250). The exact release date is yet to be confirmed but it will be on sale in Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, Netherlands, Sweden and Finland as well as here in Britain.

Meanwhile, the 15.6-inch, €599 Aspire V5-561P (roughly £495) is an ultrabook, as is the €999 Aspire S3 (that's about £830).

We'll look out for the new Acers at CES, where CNET will be on hand to bring you the first news, previews and hands-on first impressions of all the coolest kit.

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