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Accessory deal of the day: $30 Bose wireless sports headphone charging case

Need a charging case for your Bluetooth sports headphones? Bose's SoundSport charging case is $20 off for a limited time at Best Buy.

The SoundSport Wireless, Bose's first Bluetooth sports headphone, is designed for gym use, running, and biking, and also doubles as a headset for making cell phone calls.
Sarah Tew/CNET

A few years back Plantronics pioneered the wireless headphone charging case with an optional battery case for its BackBeat Go 2 in-ear headphones. Now more companies are looking to capitalize on the hot Bluetooth sports headphone market and and coming out with standalone charging cases designed to protect and juice up your wireless headphones on the go.

Best Buy has a limited-time $20 discount on Bose's SoundSport charging case, which normally costs $50. It's slightly bigger than Mophie's headphone charging case, which costs $40. A third alternative is the myCharge PowerGear Sound, also $40.

Mophie's headphone charging case costs $40.


I've tried both the Bose and Mophie and they work well, storing enough juice for around three full charges for your headphones. The only downside is that they're bigger than typical in-ear headphone cases, like the ones included with the SoundSport Wireless or Jaybird X3, and aren't all that pocket friendly.

I expect we'll see plenty of generic headphone charging cases in the future -- there are a few out there already -- but $30 seems like a decent deal for Bose's case, which, like the Mophie and myCharge cases, charges not only SoundSport headphones but other headphones (and devices) that have a Micro-USB connector.

myCharge PowerGear Sound is also $40.