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Access a webcam with a mobile phone

How can I view a webcam on my mobile phone?

I'm interested in finding out what's the best way to set up a security camera at home that I can monitor with my mobile phone. How can I do this?

Bill Prokofiev

If you're with the 3 network then this process is quite straightforward. All you have to do is buy the Pupillo, which is a 3G mobile video camera that is accessible by making a video call with a 3 mobile phone.

The Pupillo works wirelessly and features full colour video and a built-in microphone. It also has infrared night vision so you can see things in low light, and a tilt feature that you can operate with your phone. Battery life is quoted at 300 hours standby time, four hours video call time and three and a half hours night mode time. The Pupillo costs £150 and is available from the 3 Web site.

If you aren't on the 3 network you won't be able to use Pupillo, but there are alternatives. You can use software on your computer that will broadcast your webcam over the Internet and you then access it via your phone's Web browser. Some webcams, such as the Logitech Orbit and the Creative Live Motion, can be operated and rotated remotely.

The final option is to use a normal CCTV setup that runs to your TV at home and then plug in a Sling Media Slingbox. You can then access it using the SlingPlayer Mobile software that works on Windows Mobile handsets over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.