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A closer look at the BlackBerry Music Gateway

RIM dabbles in wireless media waters with its new BlackBerry Music Gateway.

Brian Bennett/CNET

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Despite its claims about being all business here at BlackBerry World 2012, RIM also showcased an accessory that's definitely made just for fun. The tiny $49.99 BlackBerry Music Gateway has a long name but does one simple task -- streaming music to audio devices over Bluetooth.

A small and unassuming black box, the Music Gateway sits within your home theater and attaches to audio components using a wired RCA stereo connection. It then links to BlackBerry handsets or PlayBook tablets without the hassle of cords via Bluetooth wireless technology.

On back of the BlackBerry Music Gateway is an analog wired connection and USB power port. Brian Bennett/CNET

More interesting is how the product's integrated NFC chip will automatically configure compatible RIM products such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Just tap the phone against the Music Gateway and all necessary configuration data is transferred instantly, no PINs or codes required. I also appreciate that the Gateway supports any gadget that meets the Bluetooth standard so Android phones won't feel left out. No word yet on whether NFC support is as universal.

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