A closer look at LG's charging pad

LG rolled out a new charging pad at CTIA 2011 that can deliver a wireless charge to your cell phone. CNET takes a closer look.

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Kent German
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Just place the device on the pad to charge. Kent German/CNET

Orlando, Fla.--Believe it or not, innovation in cell phone charging continues to happen at CTIA 2011. Usually we get a quirky idea from a small accessories vendor, but this year LG stepped forward with a wireless charger of its own. Nicole Lee covered the initial news of the LG WCP-700 the first day of the show, but we wanted to check it out in the flesh as well.

As it turns out, the WCP-700 is a cross between the Powermat products and the WildCharger. Its design more resembles the Powermat, except that it's shaped like a serving tray rather than a surfboard. With functionality, however, LG's product is more in line with the WildCharger. To wirelessly charge a phone, you'll need to replace the back cover with a special cover that will pass the charge from the pad to your battery. Then, just place your phone on the pad to let the juice flow. LG has said that it should fully charge your phone in about 2 hours.

The pad has a thin design (7mm). It almost resembles a serving tray. Kent German/CNET

Of course, you'll need to plug the WCP-700 into a socket so some wires are required, but there is no physical connection between your phone and the pad. Like with the Powermat and Wildcharger, it's an interesting idea even if it doesn't accomplish much beyond what a regular wall charger already can do. Also, since it measures 6.29 inches long by 3.54 inches wide by 0.39 inch deep, it doesn't appear as if it would be able to accommodate multiple devices at once.

LG hasn't said which of its phones will get the required back covers, though it should be most of its Android smartphones. At the time of this writing we also don't know pricing information or exact availability, but we'll let you know when those details come.