9 Great Reads From CNET This Week: iPhone SE, Magic Leap 2, Tech in Texas and More

We look at what the new iPhone SE means for Apple, go hands-on with the upcoming Magic Leap 2 AR glasses, weigh how Big Tech companies are dealing with Texas politics, and much, much more.

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Quick show of hands: Who wants to spend $1,000 or more on a new phone? Not everyone, that's for sure. That's where devices like the iPhone SE come in, and this week Apple introduced the newest SE, priced at $429.

As part of our coverage of the "Peek Performance" Apple event, CNET's Lisa Eadicicco stacks up the iPhone SE against the iPhone Mini as the standard-bearer for Apple's budget phone of the future. Our coverage also includes looks at the updated iPad Air, the iOS 15.4 update, the new M1 Ultra chip and everything else Apple announced.

Lisa's story is among the many in-depth features and thought-provoking commentaries that appeared on CNET this week. So here you go. These are the stories you don't want to miss.

The iPhone SE, Not the Mini, May Be the Future of Apple's Smaller Smartphones

Commentary: Apple is updating the iPhone SE, and the iPhone Mini's future looks to be uncertain.

Apple iPhone SE 2022

Magic Leap 2 Hands-On: AR Glasses That Can Dim The Real World

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson shows me the new hardware. It's better, and it has one trick I've never seen before.

Magic Leap 2 AR glasses
Scott Stein/CNET

In Texas, Big Tech's Liberal Leanings Take a Back Seat 

Texas has been enacting some of the most far-right social policies in the country. But the tech industry continues to move in.   

Google's new sail-shaped office tower fills out the skyline of downtown Austin.
Rick Kern/Getty Images

Why Dark Matter Hunters Are Chasing The Mystery of Axions  

The saga of how an odd hypothetical particle became the star of dark matter history.  

Dark matter and dark energy make up more of the universe than observable matter and energy do.
Vadim Kalinin/Getty

Amid War in Ukraine, Should Russians Be Banned From Trading Cryptocurrencies?

Blocking all crypto operations in Russia would increase the impact of Western economic sanctions. But experts are divided on whether it would do more harm than good.

People line up to withdraw US dollars at an ATM in a supermarket in Moscow.
SOPA Images/Getty Images

A Streaming Plea: Stop Making TV Shows That Shouldn't Be Full Shows

Let's face it. Some stories simply don't need eight to 10 hours of your life.

Clockwise from top left: Boba Fett, Inventing Anna, The A-Team and Reacher.
Clockwise from top left: Prime Video, Netflix, NBC/Getty, Prime Video

How Elden Ring Teaches Us to Be More Open About Death

Commentary: "YOU DIED" isn't the end of the story -- it's just part of the journey.

Scene from Elden Ring
From Software

Russia's Nuclear Threats Bring Back the Madness of the Cold War 

Commentary: I'm not the only one worrying that Putin will launch a nuclear attack.

An atomic bomb test in 1946.
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Pixar's 'Turning Red' Perfectly Captures the Awkwardness of Adolescence 

The cast and crew discuss the very real experiences that shaped the film, and how the animation style brings the story to life. 

Turning Red friends
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