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85 per cent of iOS 7 users have never used Siri, survey says

A majority of iPhone owners have never used Siri, according to research that sees Siri users divided on whether it lives up to Apple's promises.

85 per cent of iPhone owners who've updated their phones have never used Siri, according to new research -- and those that have are divided on whether Siri lives up to Apple's promises.

That number is based on a survey of 2,330 Apple-owning folk in the US who have upgraded to iOS 7, the latest software for iPhone and iPad.

Analysts Intelligent Voice carried out the survey to find out if Apple had oversold the capabilities of Siri. 46 per cent of a group that had used Siri stated it was a disappointment, while a separate group was also divided on Siri's accuracy.

iOS 7 adds new voices and new languages for Siri, a voice-activated personal assistant. In theory, Siri is supposed to understand a range of questions and commands in order to carry out tasks on your phone -- such as calling someone, or tweeting -- and find out information for you. Sadly, it hasn't quite lived up to its promise: in our experience, asking Siri for any information is an exercise in frustration -- until you specifically instruct Siri to just Google the answer, which kind of defeats the point.

Microsoft is reported to be working on a rival to Siri for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox One, jokingly codenamed Cortana after the character in Halo.

Do you use Siri? Is Siri an indispensable personal assistant, or has it failed to live up to Apple's promises? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or speak your mind on our Facebook page.