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7 reasons people aren't wearing their Apple Watch

It's been a year since the Apple Watch has been released, and some of our editors couldn't care less about theirs.

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It's been a year since Apple released the Watch. Big whoop! Does anyone really care?

That's what we asked a few of our Apple Watch-owning CNET editors -- and they didn't hold back. Below is a short list of the most common answers for why they do and don't like their Apple Watches, but make sure to watch the video for the full responses. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments section.

It doesn't do enough

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

Apple Byte host, Brian Tong, said his Apple Watch didn't enhance his life in any way, shape or form. And many of our editors feel the same way. It just doesn't have a lot purposeful functionality. Most of the things it can do, your iPhone can do better.

Limited strap options

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

Wrist strap options are still rather limited in selection, especially if you're a fashion-inclined individual. If you're looking for something specific, or anything similar to what you'd find at a department store, don't hold your breath. CNET's resident DC and Marvel expert, Caitlin Petrakovitz, said that the boring selection prevents her from wearing her Apple Watch everyday.

Faster to pull phone out of pocket

Screenshot/Sharon Profis

For some people, pulling out a phone from their pocket to read a notification or check the time is just as fast as checking a watch. People with smaller pockets and purses, however, might disagree.

Too complicated

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

The Apple Watch doesn't have a very user-friendly interface. There's a bit of a learning to curve, even for our super tech-savvy editors.

Uninteresting apps

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

There isn't an abundance of apps available for the Apple Watch, and those available are bare-bones versions of the same apps available on the iPhone. Additionally, they can be a bit slow to load at times.

Not for me

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

Not everyone needs to be plugged in all of the time. That's who the Apple Watch is great for -- people who always want to have their messages at their fingertips, even when their phone is in their pocket. (And Apple fanboys, of course.)

No killer feature

Screenshot/Xiomara Blanco

The Apple Watch has no killer feature. Nothing about it makes it a must-buy. That's why some of our editors either sold or are planning to sell theirs.