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6 subscription box gifts for fitness freaks

For the gym rat who has everything.

Fitness fanatics are difficult to shop for -- they already have a ton of gear, accessories and workout snacks, and they probably don't drink, eat anything that doesn't fit their macros, or indulge in activities that don't involve working out.

I'm kidding, of course... but only sort of. They are hard to shop for, which is why these thoughtfully-curated monthly subscription boxes are perfect for them. Fitness-oriented subscription boxes are pretty specific, so read on to find the best one for lifters, runners and CrossFitters.


Best for: Guys who like supplements

Price: $15/month; $135/year

Gift options: $40/3 months; $75/6 months; $135/year

JackedPack (Screenshot by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/CNET)

JackedPack is a men's supplement box that lets you try out new supplements and bars before they hit the market. Not everyone uses supplements (and not everyone is open to trying new ones all the time), but for anyone who does like testing out new supplements, this box will make their month. JackedPack sends between five and 10 samples customized according to each customer's fitness goals and flavor preferences. JackedPack costs $15/month, with discounts longer subscriptions and gift options that allow your giftee to fill out the fitness survey themselves. This box ships free to the US only.

Barbella Box

Best for: Ladies who lift

Price: $50/month; $540/year

Gift options: $50/month; $141/3 months; $540/year

Barbella Box

The Barbella Box is a monthly fitness subscription box for women who lift weights. This box features a mix of fitness gear, accessories, snacks and supplements. The fitness gear is geared toward heavy workouts like lifting and CrossFit, and includes items like high-impact sports bras, knee sleeves and lifting belts (not just yoga pants and tank tops). This box costs $50/month or $540/year, and asks for customers' sizes, including knee sleeve size and shoe size, for customization. To purchase the Barbella Box as a gift, just check off the "Gift" option during checkout -- gifts and regular subscriptions cost the same.

Yogi Surprise

Best for: Your favorite Yogi

Price: $45/month

Gift options: $121/3 months; $229/6 months; $432/year

Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise is a yoga-themed subscription box that features a mix of six to eight yoga-friendly items -- from yoga towels, mats, and gloves to organic body scrubs, essential oils and vegetarian-friendly non-GMO snacks. Yogi Surprise also offers a Yoga Jewelry subscription box that costs $25/month and includes two pieces of yoga-inspired jewelry (such as crystals and beads) and one organic chocolate snack. The Yogi Surprise lifestyle box costs $45/month, but you can purchase discounted gift subscriptions in three-, six-, and 12-month increments.

Strength Crate

Best for: Crazy CrossFitters

Price: $66-$86/month; $192-252/3 months

Gift options: $66-$86/month; $192-$252/3 months

Strength Crate

Do you know a diehard CrossFit fan? If you do, you know they'll love a monthly subscription to one of Strength Crate's three crate options -- The Game-Day Crate, which costs $66/month and has a guaranteed value of at least $75; the RX Crate, which costs $76/month and has a guaranteed value of at least $100; or the GOAT Crate, which costs $86/month and has a guaranteed value of at least $120. Each crate features a mix of five to six CrossFit-inspired items, including apparel and workout gear, training aids, supplements and lifestyle products.

Unlike some of the other boxes on this list, this box frequently delivers full-sized supplements (such as a 2-pound container of protein powder) and actual workout gear (such as a 40-pound sandbag). This box is on the pricier side, so each crate also has a quarterly option -- it's slightly more expensive per box, but it will deliver each quarter instead of each month.


Best for: Slightly less insane CrossFitters

Price: $35/month; $198/6 months

Gift options: $35/month; $102/3 months; $198/6 months


WODBOM -- which stands for "Workout Of the Day -- Box Of the Month" -- is a CrossFit-inspired fitness box for men and women. This box is less intense than the Strength Crates, and features a mix of workout gear, supplements, snacks and gym accessories. The box features a lot of CrossFit- and workout-themed t-shirts, which is perfect because CrossFit enthusiasts love said t-shirts. The box costs $35/month or $198/6 months -- to gift a subscription, simply hit "This is a Gift" at checkout and the subscription will not automatically renew (you will need to fill out your giftee's profile, though, which includes their gender and t-shirt size).

Runner Crate

Best for: Runners

Price: $35/month; $360/year(plus shipping)

Gift options: $35/month; $102/3 months; $194/6 months; $360/year (plus shipping)

Runner Crate

Runner Crate is mostly centered around snacks, which makes sense if you've ever known anyone who considers themselves a distance runner -- they're always eating. This box features four to six healthy runner-friendly snacks, plus a couple of running-related items, like shoelace stoppers, headbands and water bottles. The box costs $35/month plus shipping, which is based on your location (the box also ships internationally for a flat rate of $16.50 per box). If you'd like to give your giftee a taste of the Runner Crate before committing, you can order a one-off Mini Warm-Up Crate for $17 plus shipping.