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$5 iPhone stand fits in your wallet

Sure, it's just a wallet-size piece of plastic, but it's a lot sturdier than the hacked-business-card stand you've been carrying around. And it's only 5 bucks!

iPhone stands come in all shapes and sizes, from $40 luxury models to no-cost hacks you cobble together yourself.

Personally, I want something that goes where I go, that always rides shotgun, that I won't accidentally forget to bring along.

Something like the GoGoStand, which has the credit-card dimensions necessary to fit in a wallet but unfolds to form a solid, adjustable stand for the iPhone or iPod Touch. (It can work with other devices, too, natch.)

As you can see in the video, the GoGoStand is just a specially cut piece of plastic. But the design is quite clever, allowing three different viewing angles depending on which tab-hole you use.

It wouldn't surprise me to see a developer charging $10 or even $15 for a product like this, but the GoGoStand is priced very reasonably at $4.99, shipping included. (Alas, it's currently "sold out until next week." Check back then!)

Of course, this isn't too different from the Crabble stand I wrote about a while back, except that the latter now costs $6.99 (plus $1.50 for shipping) and still has a terrible name.

Until now I've been using the $9.95 Tiko Fold, which is a great travel stand in its own right, but a bit too large to fit in a wallet.

I have to say, the GoGoStand is exactly what I need, and the price is hard to beat.

Agree? Disagree? What do you use to prop up your iPhone/iPod Touch when it's movie time? If you have a favorite DIY solution, be sure to include a link with your comment!