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4G for free as Expansys offers free month's data

Expansys is offering a free month of 4G data when you buy any tablet or dongle, to see how fast the EE network is like.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so open wide and take an exploratory bite of tasty mobile data pudding with a free trial of 4G. Expansys is offering a month of 4G data on EE so you can see just how fast it really is without laying out a penny.

Buy any data-guzzling tablet or dongle from Expansys and you'll get a free 4G EE data SIM chucked in, with an allowance of 5GB. It'll work as a standard 3G SIM card when slotted into tablets and dongles that don't have 4G, but if it is a 4G device, you'll benefit from EE's extra-fast data speeds.

The first month is free, and because there's no contract -- you renew on a monthly basis and stop whenever you want -- it's effectively a free trial. Even if you have no interest in 4G, it's also a free 5GB of 3G data.

To claim your free month of 4G, you need to buy your tablet or dongle from Expansys and activate the SIM before 28 February. If you're impressed with 4G data and decide to keep it on, it costs £16 each month after the free trial ends.

Tablets that can suck up extra-fast 4G data include the iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

EE, formed by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, is the first 4G network in the UK. It's not available everywhere, so before you pull your money-trigger on the Expansys offer check whether where you live is one of the 11 towns and cities currently covered by 4G, or one of the 17 places due to be added at the start of this year.

Other networks will start their own 4G networks in May, but will use different radio frequencies to carry their 4G waves, so current 4G phones and tablets won't necessarily work on the new networks. The Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE will cross between networks because it has the right range of 4G gubbins inside, but the iPhone 5 won't.

Speaking of which, press play to check out our speed test of the first 4G phones on EE:

Watch this: 4GEE phones speed test

Is 4G worth the money? Do you love or hate EE? What are your thoughts on 4G? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook page.