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3Com bearing ATM fruit

3Com's recent ATM acquisition produces new products for small office and remote site markets.

3Com (COMS) has quickly turned the fruits of a recent ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) acquisition into new products for small office and remote site markets.

3Com purchased OnStream Networks in early October for $245 million and has already come out with two offerings, the AccessBuilder 9300 and 9010, which offer high-speed ATM network access for businesses who want to tie in legacy applications or consolidate network services.

ATM is seen as a high-speed alternative to current Ethernet technology. Unlike Ethernet, ATM was designed to support multiple services, including voice, graphics, data, and full-motion video, making it ideal for transmission of Web-based data.

The 9300 offers ATM access for under $10,000, with interfaces supporting frame relay, IBM legacy mainframe systems, and Ethernet connections for network growth. The 9300 includes a stackable option, fitting into the SuperStack II hardware architecture. It also includes three network expansion slots.

The 9010 is intended for small remote sites, offering ATM for consolidation of voice, data, and frame relay networks for cost savings. The 9010 includes support for frame relay and ATM internetworking as well as Ethernet communications.

Both the AccessBuilder 9300 and the 9010 will be available in the first quarter of next year. The 9300 starts at $9,950 and the 9010 costs $5,950, with Ethernet and serial data interfaces included.