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3 secret Amazon pages you need to know about

Hidden deals can be yours if you know where to look.

I'm as much an Amazon addict as the next shopper, so I'm always on the lookout for ways to maximize my savings. For example, I use PriceBlink to see if there might be a better price elsewhere, and I frequently peruse Amazon's secret shopping pages for deals that aren't widely advertised.

OK, maybe they're not exactly secret, but they're also hard to find unless you know where to look (and, of course, you need to know they even exist). Thankfully, you don't need promo codes or special plug-ins, and they're available all day every day. These are the three hidden corners of Amazon I recommend browsing and bookmarking.

Bargain Finds: Everything under $15


Amazon's Bargain Finds page contains thousands of items, all priced $15 or less.

Rick Broida/CNET

If Amazon's Bargain Finds page were a retail store, it might be called 15 Below. That's because everything here is priced at $15 or less, shipping included. You'll find jewelry, home decor, movies, gift items and more, all divided into about a dozen categories. 

The catch is that you have to scroll your way through the collections; you can't search them. What's more, each sale item is presented with only a thumbnail image and a price. If you're viewing the Bargain Finds page on a mobile device and want to find out more about an item, your only option is to tap it to visit the product page. You're better off with a desktop browser, as you can mouse over each picture for a little pop-up description. 

Amazon Renewed: Like-new products at a discount


Amazon Renewed is home to loads of discounted products that are guaranteed to be good as new.


Ever wonder what happens to the stuff that gets returned to Amazon because the customer found a better price elsewhere or just didn't like it? Open-box returns can't be resold as new, even if they're in mint condition. And that's where Amazon Renewed comes in: Amazon inspects and tests items to make sure they're good as new, then sells them at a discount.

Everything on this page is either refurbished, preowned or open-box, and everything is backed by a 90-day refund or replacement guarantee. (If an item is sold by a third-party seller, then Amazon's standard 30-day return policy applies.)

The product categories here include things like phones, computers, cameras and home improvement. One notable example: The Amazon Renewed Yamaha ATS-1080R Sound Bar is currently priced at $99.95. Price for a new one: $199.95. You could add a two-year protection plan for $8 and still come out way ahead.

Take note, however, that just because Amazon offers a Renewed version of product doesn't mean it's the best possible deal. At this writing, for example, the Amazon Renewed Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm) is $230, but it's actually on sale new for just $200. Always do your homework before buying.

Amazon Warehouse: One rung down from Renewed, and even bigger discounts

Rick Broida/CNET

Not every used item qualifies for the Amazon Renewed program, and that's why there's Amazon Warehouse. It's a similar clearinghouse for preowned, used and open-box products, just without the 90-day guarantee. Even so, many of the items are like new, or at least in very good condition, and the discounts are often even greater.

You can peruse Amazon Warehouse in much the same way as Amazon Renewed, but there's an even better way to use it. For that I'm going to turn you over to Dale Smith, who explains how to make the most of Amazon Warehouse.

Again, you should always compare the price of any Warehouse item with that of its brand-new counterpart. As with the Apple Watch example above, there are times when you can actually do better buying new. But I recommend checking the Warehouse option for just about everything you buy from Amazon, as the savings can be significant.

Have you found any other Amazon nooks and crannies we should know about? Hit the comments and tell us where to find them!

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