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3 pro tips for throwing Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

There's more to it than flicking your finger in Pokemon Go.

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You're in the middle of who-knows-where at midnight, your fingers hopelessly flailing over your phone as Pokeball after Pokeball soars past that darn Zubat. There has to be a better way to catch 'em all, right?

It turns out there's a lot more to capturing a Pokemon in Pokemon Go than just sliding your finger across the screen. For starters, you can know just how difficult your battle will be based on the color of the ring that appears around the Pokemon. A green ring indicates an easy fight, yellow signifies a moderate difficult and red means you're in for a struggle.

Pokeball-throwing techniques

Capture the shrinking circle. Once you place your finger on the Pokeball, you'll notice the circle starts shrinking. If your Pokeball lands on the target Pokemon within that circle, you'll receive bonus experience points, with the bonus increasing as the circle shrinks. If you're particularly skilled, you can get an additional bonus by spinning the Pokeball and pitching a curveball. Just don't expect to hit a Pikachu 100 percent of the time with such a tricky maneuver.

Throw from the top. An entirely different method has caught some attention on Reddit, which involves throwing the Pokeball from the top of your screen instead of the bottom.

Follow the Pokemon's shadow. When augmented reality is turned on, there's another trick that can help you from wasting all of your Pokeballs on an evasive Ghastly. Regardless of where the Pokemon is located, there will be a little shadow beneath them. Use that to gauge the distance, and you'll still be able to snag the Pokemon.

For more info about what to do with those Pokemon once they've been captured, check out our full guide here.