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3 lives life without limits as One Plan offers unlimited data

3 users of the heavyweight One Plan can now eat up all the Internet, video and apps data they can stuff into their pockets as data becomes unlimited.

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Richard Trenholm
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Good news for data-gobblers: 3 has brought back unlimited data to its pricing deals. Smart-phone users on the 3G-only mobile network can opt for the heavyweight One Plan to eat up all the Internet, video and apps data they can stuff into their pockets.

The One Plan launched in July and offers 2,000 minutes of calls to any network, 5,000 minutes of calls to other 3 users, and 5,000 texts. It originally offered a respectable 1GB of data.

To benefit from these sizeable options, all you have to commit to is a one-year contract starting at £25 per month. In these days of 18- and 24-month indenture to a phone network, one year is like the blink of an eye.

The trend in data allowances has been to move away from unlimited plans. Or rather, to move away from naming them unlimited, as there was never any such thing in the first place. The rise of the smart phone exposed unlimited data plans as the marketing wheeze -- by which we mean, outrageously blatant pack of lies -- they always were.

Although actual unlimited deals are rarer than unicorn fingernails, the One Plan isn't the only limitless game in town. giffgaff, the community-driven little network that could, offers unlimited data across its range of cheap-as-cheeps monthly SIM-only 'goodybag' deals and pay as you go options.

This innovative network also offers z-z-z-zaaany deals like the Hokey Cokey deal, which nets you a free minute on the phone for every minute someone calls you. 

There are cheaper SIM-free deals available, many with just a month's commitment. If you don't need such deep-pocketed minutes, check out our mobile deals section to find the perfect price plan for you.

Note: At time of publication, 3 hadn't updated its website to advertise the unlimited data offer. We're assured the deal will be active today.