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2G iPod touch Processor Clocked Higher than iPhone's?; Benchmarks

2G iPod touch Processor Clocked Higher than iPhone's?; Benchmarks

TouchArcade reports that the second-generation iPod touch's processor runs at 532 MHz, while the iPhone 3G's processor runs at 412 MHz.

Both the iPhone and iPod touch use an ARM processor capable of running at 620-667Mhz. However, it appears that Apple down-clocked the processor in production devics, presumably to conserve battery life.

Nearly a year ago, iPhone Atlas broke the news that iPhone OS 1.1.2 delivered slight boost in operating clock speed. iPhones running firmware/software version 1.1.1 displayed a clock speed of 400 Mhz and a bus speed of 100 MHz, whereas iPhones running firmware/software revision 1.1.2 displayed a clock speed of 412 MHz and a bus speed of 103 MHz.

As such, it's possible that Apple will boost the iPhone and/or iPoud touch's processor clock speed with a future software update. Given battery concerns, however, such a move may be unlikely.

Meanwhile, a Polish site has performed benchmarks of the first-generation iPod touch, second-generation iPod touch, first-generation iPhone and iPhone 3G. Their results (higher numbers are better), would appear to confirm the original finding:

  • 1G iPod touch software 2.2 - 99.039
  • 1G iPhone software 2.2 - 99.422
  • iPhone 3G software 2.2 - 104.23
  • 2GiPod touch software 2.2: 2.2 - 145.20