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2014 Honda Civic hits the lot with built-in Siri

The new Civic will adopt Apple's voice assistant to help drivers navigate the roads, check the weather, and fire off e-mails.

Siri Eyes Free in action.
Siri Eyes Free in action.
James Martin/CNET

iPhone owners who pick up a 2014 Honda Civic will be able to chat with Siri without taking their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Siri will be a key ingredient of Honda's new Display Audio in-car technology when the Civic goes on sale Wednesday, the automaker has announced. Drivers with Bluetooth-connected iPhones will be able to activate Siri by holding down a Talk button on the steering wheel, eliminating the need to tap on or hold the phone.

People behind the wheel can perform a variety of tasks via Siri, such as listening to turn-by-turn voice directions, checking the weather, grabbing stock quotes, setting up calendar reminders and alarms, and sending e-mails and text messages.

Display Audio marks Honda's first factory installation for Apple's Siri Eyes Free feature. The technology was available for certain Honda and Acura models this year and last but only as a dealer-installed option. Siri Eyes Free also debuted in a couple of Chevrolet cars last year with six 2014 models due to integrate the feature.

Honda's Display Audio offers 2014 Civic buyers other tech beyond Siri. The car is equipped with a 7-inch HD touchscreen, allowing drivers to play music, check their phone book, find information on the automobile, and access directions.