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$164,000 Apple Watch: Embrace the golden madness

Achieve an insane level of luxury by buying a gold and diamond Apple Watch that would make Donald Trump blush.

Here's a preview of the rose-gold watch with diamonds. Picasa

A race is on to find the highest price someone will pay for an Apple Watch.

At first, some analysts thought the gold Apple Watch could cost $5,000 and we all thought, "Ooo, that's so expensive!" Then, we got the official announcement from Apple that the watch would cost $10,000. "Wowza," many Apple fans said, "That's pricey!" As it turns out, that's not pricey at all. Goldgenie's upcoming Spectrum collection of luxuriously blinged-out Apple Watches will break all but the biggest banks.

Luxury Launches reports that the collection will sport a top price of $164,000 (about £110,000, AU$214,500) for a fully diamond-encrusted 18-karat gold watch. It would be unfair to just stop there and say Goldgenie's versions of the Apple timepiece are completely out of reach to the common person. There will be a much more affordable option in the form of a $3,000 (about £2,000, AU$3,900) gold-plated stainless steel Apple Watch.

You're not just stuck with the usual yellow gold and diamonds. Goldgenie is also offering rose gold, platinum and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

While plebeian Apple Watch buyers may settle for a plastic band, Goldgenie customers can move up to more exotic substances like crocodile or python skin. Certain bands will be available in delightfully eye-searing colors like fuchsia and cherry red. Goldgenie will also offer an intriguing rubber strap, which could be quite comfortable when you want to wear your diamond watch while out jogging.

Goldgenie opens preorders for the luxe watches on April 9. Reservations require a 50 percent deposit with the rest due after Apple actually launches the devices on April 24. That doesn't give you much time to scrape all the spare change out of your couch cushions, so you better hurry up and start digging.

Goldgenie Apple Watch
Gold and diamonds are an Apple Watch's best friends. Goldgenie