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Microsoft Teams gets 'nostalgic' backgrounds with Clippy and Solitaire

Your next Teams call may feature Microsoft's favorite smiling paper clip

This image of Clippy hanging out by a stairway is one of four throwback pictures you can use on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams got an old-school makeover on Thursday with the debut of throwback backgrounds. Images of beloved paper clip Clippy and nostalgic card game Solitaire are among the backdrops available for your next Teams call. 

Other scenes you can choose from include an animated picture of Microsoft Paint and the serene hill shown in the default wallpaper for Windows XP in 2001.

You can download any of the four images on Microsoft's website today.

Last month, Microsoft unveiled some new features coming to Teams. The updates, which will roll out in the upcoming months, are aimed at helping hybrid workforces as companies began to reopen their offices following mass closures during the pandemic.

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One feature, named Front row, will put the call's remote participants at the bottom of the screen so they can be face-to-face with their co-workers in the office. 

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