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Best Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts You Can Still Buy

Don't panic. It's not too late to get the dad in your life a gift he'll love.

Desiree DeNunzio Editor
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Desiree DeNunzio
Deena Shinn
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The clock is ticking. Father's Day is almost here. It falls on June 16 this year, which means you have just a couple more days to shop for Dad. But don't worry, because believe it or not, you still have time to find a great Father's Day gift for dear old Dad. We've rounded up a slew of great gifts that can either be sent digitally or delivered to Dad's door in two days or less via Amazon Prime. (If you don't have a Prime subscription, now might be the time to sign up for a free trial.)

From a craft beer subscription to cool gadgets to the ultimate golf gear organizer for the car, this list has what you're looking for to make Father's Day special -- and he doesn't even have to know you waited until the buzzer to buy the perfect gift. 

Amazon/Screenshot by CNET

Give your dear old dad the gift of cool comfort this Father's Day. This rechargeable neck fan is a great choice going into the warm summer months, especially if your Pops is the kind of guy who sweats even in the middle of winter. The hands-free design is perfect for gardening, grocery shopping, watching sporting events and more. 

Danny Zapalac/Screenshot by CNET

Does Dad have an old guitar lying around that he hasn't picked up since he was in college? Get him a gift card for guitar lessons so he can get back to doing something he enjoys. Whether he wants to play acoustic, electric, bass or ukulele, a subscription to Fender Play will give him access to bite-size lessons he can learn at his own pace. A three-month subscription to Fender Play costs just $20, or get him a six-month subscription for $50. 


If your dad's the kind of guy who's planning to cook his own Father's Day dinner because he's that into his grill game, surprise him with this sophisticated instant read meat thermometer that'll make his BBQ fare even better. This handy gadget will ensure he'll never overcook (or undercook) dinner ever again. It's also waterproof, has an easy-to-read backlit display and it shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity, which is very good for dads who are always scrambling to get dinner to the table on time.       

James Bricknell/CNET

The Tumbler knife sharpener is a good way to do a maintenance task that can otherwise be very dull. Despite what the TikTok videos might show, it takes way more than three or four swipes on either side. If you are patient, you can get a nice sharp edge on the dullest of knives. The magnet holds the knife at the perfect angle while you sharpen it so you know each knife is going to cut the way it should.

As a gift, it's probably best to buy the set with the stand and strop, but if you are trying to keep the price down, the magnet and roller are really all you need to make this a great Father's Day gift.

-- James Bricknell (Dad of 5)

Amazon/Screenshot by CNET

For the dad who lives and breathes golf, this layered trunk organizer will be a hole-in-one in the gift department. It's especially made for golfers and is equipped with two (ventilated!) compartments for shoes on the bottom, and then the top has small compartments perfect for storing all sorts of accessories like balls, golf tees, scorecards, gloves, and so on. If the dad in your life is constantly losing track of his golf gear or it's strewn all over his car, this present will surely earn you some major points. 

Screenshot by CNET

If Dad enjoys camping, backpacking or RVing, he probably already has all the standard gear he needs. But if he doesn't have a hammock yet, believe us... he needs one right now. This portable hammock from Wise Owl is lightweight and easy to roll up and pack. And it's so comfortable, he might just end up using it to lounge around in the backyard.

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Craft Beer Club/Screenshot by CNET

If Dad enjoys a cold, frothy brew, give him the gift of a monthly beer subscription. The Craft Beer Club is a popular choice among craft beer enthusiasts -- and for good reason. Each month you get a shipment of beer featuring small, independent brewers from around the country. Many of the tasty brews are award-winners and can be hard to get your hands on depending on where you live. 

You can purchase a single box for $54 or enroll Dad in a subscription with ongoing shipments. Each box features two different breweries and a mix of four styles from each one, for a total of 12 beers. Once you've placed your order, you can print out a free gift announcement card that will tell him its on its way.

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The Roku Express 4K Plus is our top choice for the best streaming device available. This handy little box adds nearly every streaming channel to any HDMI-equipped TV -- from Netflix to Disney Plus to Peacock to HBO Max, and everything in between -- at full 4K resolution with HDR support. If Dad enjoys watching shows, movies and more, this is an affordable gift that will go a long way. 

MasterClass/Screenshot by CNET

If Dad always enjoys learning something new, give him a gift subscription to MasterClass. The online learning service offers over 180 classes taught by A-list celebrities, with new content released each month. You can dive into cooking with Gordon Ramsay, poetry with Amanda Gorman, filmmaking with Martin Scorsese, skateboarding with Tony Hawk and more. A standard subscription for an individual costs $10 a month, or you can opt for the Plus plan (two devices) at $15 per month or the Premium plan ($20).

David Carnoy/CNET

If the father figure in your life is totally into books, look no further. This e-reader earned a CNET Editor's Choice award for a reason. It's lightweight, reliable and has built-in Bluetooth, so you can download Amazon Audible audiobooks and listen to them with wireless headphones. If you order via Amazon Prime, Dad should receive it within two days.

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David Carnoy/CNET

The JBL Clip 4 is one of our favorite mini Bluetooth speakers, and it's a great gift for a dad who does a lot of traveling. It's extremely portable, with an integrated carabiner clip for clipping onto a backpack, and it delivers impressive sound for its small size. With an IP67 water resistance rating, this durable little device can survive being dunked in shallow water and is dust proof.  

David Carnoy/CNET

If Dad works out a lot, he could use a handy tool for post-workout recovery. While this compact massage gun doesn't have quite the power of one of Theragun's full-size devices, it's surprisingly powerful considering how small it is, and it offers three speeds to choose from. 

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