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Zune HD: The preparation begins

Microsoft sends out a note to Zune.net customers to inform them of a system outage the day before the Zune HD is set to roll out.

Duh-nuh, duh-nuh, duh-nuh...it's coming, IT'S COMING! We may as well be playing the "Jaws" theme song over the P.A. system here at the CNET offices (if we had one, that is), as September's product launch craziness has many a CNET editor looking over his or her shoulder wondering when the next bomb is going to drop. I'll tell you when: September 15. Well, at least that's one we can talk about. In just four days, the Zune HD will be officially released.

With Apple's extraordinarily minor changes to the iPod Touch leaving many tech-lovers disappointed, the chances for the upcoming Zune HD are looking better and better. Microsoft apparently has its hands full getting all the ducks in a row, as the company today sent the below letter to Zune.net customers. Prepare for a system outage, folks, followed by a shiny new Zune HD, and probably a refreshed Marketplace to go along with it. Let the countdown begin.

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