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Zune HD gets the grand tour on video

Microsoft's Brian Seitz demonstrates several of the Zune HD's user interface features, including Pins, History, Web browser, and HD radio.

We were lucky to have Microsoft's Brian Seitz visit us this past Tuesday to talk all about the Zune HD on the MP3 Insider podcast. One thing we couldn't twist out of him, though, was a straight-up on-camera walk-through of all the Zune HD's features. The folks at Seattle's TechFlash, however, seemed to have caught Brian a little closer to today's preorder launch, and understandably a little looser with the on-camera details.

The following video hits on a lot of the features we're digging on the Zune HD, including the unique alt-menu on the main screen for "pins," history, and recently added content. The browser's touch-screen keyboard also gets some attention, as well as the music player's media playback controls.