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You could soon watch 3D movies without ridiculous glasses

Researchers at MIT are hoping to bring 3D TV back from the dead.

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Get ready to say goodbye to these suckers. Again.
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3D TV is dead, long live 3D TV.

You'd be right to think this technology that was widely hyped but quickly flopped is gone, right? Well, it turns out researchers at MIT think they've figured out the solution to 3D TV's biggest problem: the goofy glasses.

The new idea, described in a paper called "3DTV at Home: Eulerian-Lagrangian Stereo-to-Multiview Conversion," uses software to make existing 3D movies work with specialized screens that don't need glasses but haven't yet made a splash. The technology is called Home3D.

The result is that we finally might be able to watch Wimbeldon in 3D. 

It'll be a while before this technology makes it to our homes though. Lead author Petr Kellnhofer said it currently requires a powerful computer like a PlayStation or Xbox to power the system. But the end goal is to make it into a specialized chip compatible with TVs.

Kellnhofer said the key appeal for Home3D is not only a better 3D experience, but also that he's finally found a way to ditch those goofy glasses no one wanted anyway.

"It doesn't put any extra effort on you," Kellnhofer said. "It's much more practical than solutions that are on the market."