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Yamaha's 2017 Aventage receivers offer kitchen sink with features

Yamaha unveils its 2017 Aventage receivers, which incorporate Dolby Atmos capability, 4K video and Wi-Fi music streaming.

Don't try this at home, or at the beach.

Yamaha has announced six new receivers for its high-end Aventage range, which will feature all of the mod-cons, including Dolby Atmos decoding, 4K HDR video and multiroom music.

The six models will begin shipping in May and start at $600 with the RX-A670. Common features include Virtual Surround Back Speaker, YPAO sound calibration and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The models will also get compatibility with Deezer and Tidal shortly in addition to the company's own MusicCast system.

Why choose these receivers over a model such as the RX-V483? The Aventage range is typically more refined than the RX-V range and is for users with more demanding speakers in their systems. If you have a pair of floor-standers worth over $1,000, for example, you'd want to be looking at RX-A770 and up.

RX-A670: $600

The RX-A670 has 7x80W channels of amplification and four HDMI ports that offer the ability to pass-through 4K HDR content. By comparison, the RX-V683 from the company's entry-level RX range is $650 and offers an extra 10W per channel.

RX-A770: $700

For a hundred dollars more, the RA-A770 incorporates some useful features and is probably the sweet spot for this range. The RA-A770 adds 4K video upscaling, 10W extra per channel, an extra HDMI input (five total), plus a turntable input.

RX-A870: $1,000

The Aeventage RX-A870 gives you better connectivity than the A770 and a bit more power. It has 100 W per channel and seven HDMI inputs (three with HDCP 2.2) and dual HDMI/HDCP 2.2 outputs. This receiver and all of the others that follow will be available in June.

RX-A1070: $1,300

If you're a fan of Yamaha's digital processing features, you might consider the RX-A1070. It adds "Cinema DSP HD" for use with Atmos setups and employs three dedicated DSP LSI chips. Other step-up features from the RX-A870 include 110 W per channel; seven HDMI 2.0a inputs with HDCP 2.2 and dual HDMI/HDCP 2.2 outputs. It adds a "symmetrical amplifier layout" and YPAO multipoint room calibration.

RX-A2070: $1,700

The RX-A2070 is a 9.2-channel (5.1.4 or 7.1.2 channel) that includes 140 W per channel powered by dual SABRE Premier DACs. It also includes two powered zones and a Zone 4 HDMI output.

RX-A3070: $2,200

The Royale with Cheese of Yamaha's line-up is the RX-A3070. It's a 9.2-channel AV receiver (and 11.2 channels processor) which includes 150 W per channel. If you're an audiophile you might be interested in the inclusion of the ESS ES9026PRO Sabre and Sabre32 Ultra DACs.

Australian and UK pricing and availability for the range isn't yet available. But I expect the Australian price to be about double the US amount, while the UK pricing will likely be the same figure as the US, just in pounds.