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Wireless power runs this 40-inch TV concept at CES 2021

Reasonance says its wireless power system could be cheaply integrated into TVs that use up to 120 watts.


We've been waiting on truly wireless power for years. The technology exists, but most products still require two components to touch. Now wireless technology company Reasonance says it's brought the the first "truly wireless TV" to CES 2021. No need to drill holes. Just add Wi-Fi.

At the virtual trade show, Reasonance is showing off a 40-inch TV powered by a type of wireless power it calls "advanced magnetic resonance." The TV can be wall-mounted while the charger sits on your credenza. It's suitable for TVs that use up to 120 watts of power.

The demo TV has a receiving coil on its back panel (production models would include the loop inside) while the transmitting system is placed flat underneath the TV at a distance of 20 inches. The company says the transmitting system could be also integrated into a wall or an AV unit.

The company says you'll be able to move the TV around without fear of misalignment and that the system is 80 to 90% more cost-efficient than other existing wireless solutions. The technology is patented and ready to go, and it could also be used in larger devices such as electric vehicles, drones, robots or wearable devices.