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Win Things: Win an Archos 604 and accessories kit!

The holiday season is fast approaching -- and that means long spells cooped up with doddery old relatives or annoying children. Plan your escape: win yourself a complete entertainment lifeline

Aunt Ethel hasn't seen you for 12 months. As she plants that dry kiss just in front of your ear and clutches you to her lavender-smelling bosom, you are already grimacing at the prospect of four days cooped up with the old dear.

Escape is not an option, but you, cunning reader, can extricate yourself from the embarrassment of a charades marathon by winning yourself an Archos 604 portable video player and accessories kit, worth around £600.

This entertainment lifeline includes the ruggedly handsome 604 portable video player; the DVR station, which allows you to watch and record television; the helmet camcorder, which lets you record your own footage; portable speakers for listening to your music; the docking adaptor kit, so you can recharge quickly; and the travel adaptor kit, so you can record directly from most external sources.

The player has an excellent 109mm (4.3-inch) widescreen TFT display and a 30GB hard drive, which allows you to store up to 85 movies, 130 hours of TV, 300,000 photos or 15,000 songs -- that should keep you fully entertained and out of the way of any interfering aunts. And just think, never again will you have to sit through a repeat of Songs of Praise. If that's not an incentive, we don't know what is.

Visit our Win Things page in Digital Living and enter the Archos competition now -- salvation is only a click away. Good luck! -KM