Which Samsung LCD TV?

Samsung has two LCDs that look exactly the same on paper -- the LE32R41BD and the LE32R51BD. What's the difference between the two?

Guy Cocker

I've been reading your TV reviews and I'm really interested in the Samsung LE32R41BD. I've been looking at different prices around the Web and I was just wondering if you could clear something up for me. Samsung has two models that look the same to me on paper, but have different product numbers. The LE32R41BD is the one you reviewed, but Dixons sells the LE32R51BD.

Is there any difference between the two?

James Blair

The Samsung LE32R41BD has been a remarkably popular LCD TV, thanks in a large part to the launch of the Xbox 360, which is often demonstrated on it. So why are Dixons and Curry's confusing people by selling a very similar product with a slightly different model number, the LE32R51BD? Well, the truth is that it's exactly the same TV, but with a slightly different frame -- the power button is above the speaker grille instead of being integrated into it. Otherwise, the specifications are exactly the same -- it's still an HD Ready, 32-inch LCD TV with a Freeview digital tuner and plenty of connections.

So James, if you fancy a more 'limited edition' version of the LE32, go for the 'R51' model, but the 'R41' is cheaper if you shop around online.