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What's new on Amazon Prime video for January 2017

"Sneaky Pete" with Giovanni Ribisi and Bryan Cranston could be a big hit for Amazon. Its first full season joins the service in the new year.

Giovanni Ribisi is delighted after hearing a mildly amusing knock-knock joke.

Amazon's got a little something for everyone in January. If you're a comic book fan or just like watching action movies with a giant red demon, "Hellboy" joins Amazon Prime on the first of January.

If you want even more Hellboy, "Maid in Manhattan" will surely disappoint you because it features no demons. However, it does feature Ralph Fiennes, who would later go on to play Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" film franchise. Perhaps "Maid in Manhattan" is a prequel to "Harry Potter"?

Amazon also has season one of an original called "Sneaky Pete." At first, I thought it was about the "Toy Story 2" character -- but that is Stinky Pete. "Sneaky Pete" stars Giovanni Ribisi playing an ex-con pretending to be someone else. That's pretty sneaky. Oh, that's probably why it's called "Sneaky Pete."

Check out the full list below:

Available on Amazon Prime, January 2017

January 1

January 3

January 9

January 13

January 17

January 22

  • Where to Invade Next

January 23

January 26

January 27

  • Dirty Grandpa
  • Z: The Beginning of Everything, season 1 (Amazon original)

January 30

  • Swiss Army Man

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