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Weekend Streaming: 'The Tick' smashes his way onto Amazon Prime

Season 1 of the big blue superhero lands on Amazon, and Sunday sees the season finale of "Game of Thrones" on HBO Now.

The Tick's back. Get it?

Here's our weekly notifier on what to watch online. Amazon brings 10 episodes featuring the exploits of the nigh-invulnerable one (read what we learned about "The Tick" at Comic-Con here) to its streaming service on August 25. You can also catch the Fox version of "The Tick" on Crackle.com for free. 

On August 27, it's time for the season finale of "Game of Thrones." The seventh season had only seven episodes, but the finale is reported to be pretty long at over 70 minutes. Remember, when the show goes live on the East Coast, it's available to everyone at once. Good luck, HBO servers.

Find out what else is online right here:

Spoon! Stick a fork in "Game of Thrones" this season.

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