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Weekend Streaming: Set your TV or phone to Hulu

Hulu managed to pick up the most interesting stuff to keep you sedentary while you recharge.

"You're the Worst"
Either watch or get inspired by "You're the Worst" for weekend plans. 
FX Networks

This is your weekly roundup of what you should watch during our magnificent two-day break.  As you can see from the picture, the third season of "You're the Worst" is on Hulu right now. No, it's not a family comedy. However, it's a great show that you might want to give a shot before its fourth-season premiere in September. 

Netflix does not have a great selection of originals this week. However, you are running out of time to watch "American Dad!" seasons 1 through 4 on the big red service. Those episodes disappear on August 15. Want to know more?

Listen to this podcast below:

"You're the Worst" is one of the best new things online this weekend

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