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Watch House of Cards season 2 on Netflix today

White House backstab-'em-up House of Cards is back on Netflix now, with all 13 episodes of the second series ready to write off your weekend.

Multi-award winning, star-packed political thriller House of Cards is back on Netflix now, so you can cast your vote once again for the deliciously dark machinations of Kevin Spacey's mandarin-with-the-plan Frank Underwood.

Season 2 of the White House backstab-'em-up is available to stream in its entirety for Netflix subscribers worldwide. There are 13 episodes, just in case you needed an excuse to spend the entire weekend in your pants. That's what Barack Obama has planned, anyway.

And if you get through that, Netflix also has a director's commentary option for the first season, with comments from helmers including David Fincher and Joel Schumacher.

House of Cards stars Robin Wright Penn and Kate Mara. 

The first show to be produced by Netflix, Fincher and Spacey's US remake of the 1980's BBC drama has proved to be a gamble that paid off handsomely, winning three Emmy awards and driving a massive increase in people signing up. With a third season on the way, it's been followed by even more successful original series Orange is the New Black, with planned future projects including superhero shenanigans based on four Marvel comics characters.

Netflix costs £5.99 per month.