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Vizio 2021 soundbars include Dolby Atmos model under $500

Vizio has unveiled its 2021 range of soundbars, which start at $100 for an all-in-one with HDMI and Bluetooth.


Vizio has announced a slew of new soundbars for 2021 that will include a replacement for CNET's favorite Dolby Atmos system, the Vizio SB36512-F6. Prices start at $100.

The range consists of 13 soundbars, which are named like the company's TVs with M and V models, and which include the previously released M21d-H8V21-H8  and Elevate (the single P series) from 2020. 

Last year, Vizio unveiled its most revolutionary design in the excellent Elevate Dolby Atmos soundbar, and yet in 2021 there isn't anything quite as radical to complement it. There are a few welcome inclusions, though, such as the $450 M512a-H6, which is a replacement for CNET's Editor's Choice winner Vizio SB36512-F6. Unlike other "Dolby Atmos" bars at the price, this isn't offering simulated height effects but includes two up-firing Dolby drivers.


The Vizio M512a features Dolby Atmos compatibility for $450


Never fear, Vizio will have "virtual" Dolby Atmos bars too -- the $330 M51ax and the $300 M215a-J6, which both come with wireless subwoofers. 

All of the soundbars include Bluetooth and HDMI ARC connectivity, while the 4.1-channel (and above) designs feature a redesigned remote that includes a backlit display panel and an improved directional pad.  

One potential cause for confusion is that there are four models starting in V21 that vary in price from $100 to $179. There is the single-bar $100 V21d-j8 as well as the $150 V21x-J8 and $150 V21t-J8 soundbar-subwoofer combos.

Vizio's soundbars have been some of CNET's favorite performers for a number of years, with an excellent performance-price ratio. The company helped popularize great-sounding budget soundbars alongside Polk, Yamaha and Creative. 

Most of the soundbars are available from Vizio.com and other outlets right now, while the V21t-J8 and V20-J8 will be coming in August, the M512a-H6 in July and the M215-J6 yet to be announced. 

For more details and specs check the following table:


Vizio's 2021 soundbar range